Following a higher education studying chemistry, which I stop after 3 years, I devote myself to my passion: capturing still pictures. For the following 3 years, I study applied arts at the Ecole d'Arts Appliques of Vevey in Switzerland, where I obtain 2 diplomas. And then it's my first job in a studio in Nice, where I take photographs of the Lancaster cosmetics and many other things besides. There I discover the very demanding aspects of truly professional work... And the initial passion is still present... A short stay in Paris, then I reach the banks of Annecy lake, where I am employed in a studio, still playing with light, be it electronic or natural. 12 years ago now, I become independant. For several years I work for the Volvo group, then for Mecalac, and as exclusive photographer for Caterpillar, as well as for some architects and advertising agencies. From my journeys abroad, I bring back personnal pictures for future exhibitions. "Photographers are people who love darkness, but who, more so than others, need light to exist. "(Gael Van Dongen)